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Hi! I’m Jennifer, but you can call me Jen. I’m the lucky host of Real Women’s Work Podcast!

It all started when my 8 year old daughter asked a simple question: “what do people mean when they say they are going to work? Not where are they going, but what do they do when they are there?” Sydney wasn’t satisfied with answers like “I work on a computer”. She wanted to know what people do on that computer! It seemed like such a simple and uninteresting question. The Facebook answers that followed proved otherwise.

Click here to see the thread that got it all started!

From movie set decorators to paper archivists, from airline baggage handlers to dental assistants, we read through these responses and found something surprising happening; we did not know people -or the jobs they did- nearly as well as we thought.

At the same time this thread was going on I was personally dealing with a severe, extended and significant bout of anxiety. Not knowing how to pull my self out I decided to try walking and listening myself out of it. Though I had never before listened to a podcast I knew I needed somebody’s voice besides my own in my head each day. I sought out female hosted podcasts and the interviews that were conducted with women.

“Employee of the Month” and “Design Matters” were my first go-tos and they rocked my world. I walked for an hour or two each night listening to all the different kinds of work women do. One night in the middle of my walk my sister called. I answered by saying “I will pause the voice of one smart woman to talk to another!”. It felt like a profound observation but I forgot about it.

After a couple of months of walking and listening my way our of my anxiety bout I found myself saying to people “I wish I’d known at 8 how many different kinds of work women do!” I guess it was at this point the Facebook thread and my walk and listens started to come together.

At first I swatted this creeping idea away like an annoying gnat each time it appeared. It would not go though. Fortunately, I had read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Big Magic” and finally understood this idea had chosen me. I knew if I did not accept it it would find it’s way to somebody else. I knew this was my vision to bring to life.

So here we are. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be doing this. I love hearing people’s stories. I love talking with women. I love having a vehicle for others to hear women’s stories. At a time when women are coming to rely on each other in new ways this is a way we can glimpse into the lives of each other and connect in unexpected ways.

Whether or not you know the woman sharing her story is irrelevant. Every time we get to know one of us better we know everyone better.

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Book Me as a Guest!

I believe it is all about them- how can we be of service? How can what we have gone through and learned help others? Is it knowing they are not alone and a feeling of belonging? Is it a specific practice that we have implemented that helps? A certain set of resources? Is it finding a mentor or community? Thinking of ourselves as just a messenger whose experiences might make someone else’s load lighter or life brighter is a game changer for all of us!

Jen has been seen on and in HuffPost Live, Parents Magazine, Bay State Parent, Natural Parent Magazine, Local New Outlets, many popular blogs and podcasts and was cast to read her writing at the live stage show “Listen to your Mother”. Jen has traveled throughout the country speaking at workshops and conferences. 

I love talking about how awesome women are! I also love talking about topics that have helped me become a more empowered and confident woman, business owner, and professional. I am open about and happy to talk about:

  • Any topic related to starting a podcast focused on empowering women and/or showing how capable and awesome we are.
  • Becoming/Training For/Being a Voice Over Talent: it’s a cool profession, no doubt. I love to talk about it and people love to know more about it!
  • Body Positivity. Moving from isolating myself because I believed I was too fat to choosing connection and self love. This is a hot topic and it can sound cliche. My experience is authentic and I love sharing it with others! You can read more about my experience on Medium by clicking here.
  • My mental health struggles, specifically Generalized Anxiety Disorder.
  • Learning to Become Professional. I didn’t know what this meant until my late 30’s. Consistent follow- up, doing what you say you are going to do, operating with integrity, and knowing when to shut my trap and act graciously are skills I learned later in life. They are essential for real sustained success.
  • Moving toward happy and joy. Living your whole life with anxiety is miserable. Taking actionable steps to move toward a happy life feels overwhelming, but for me, it helped. Now, I am living a happy and intentionally slow life with my awesome family!
  • Homeschooling/Unschooling: Yep. We are that weird family- though we are becoming less and less weird every year! We don’t do school-at-home. In fact, nothing we do resembles learning as most of us understand it at all. Instead, I have come to understand what learning actually looks like and be a partner with my kids so that they can learn as much as they want every hour of the day (yep- even late at night). I never imagined doing this but now I wouldn’t have it any other way!
  • Taking Care of Yourself: It’s not about a mani/pedi! Taking care of yourself is about all sorts of little choices made during the day, as appropriate, to make sure we stay stable and healthy.

If you’d like to talk more about whether my message would be helpful to your audience send me an e-mail or message on any social media channel and we can chat!