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Raising a Powerful Girl with Maria Fuller, Founder

All of us parents of girls want our daughters to have high self-worth and self confidence, a strong sense of their core beliefs, and the ability to say “no” to things that make them uncomfortable, and “yes” to things that bring them joy. With so much conflated information surrounding us, though, how can we ensure a positive body image and strong communication skills?The answer is both simpler and more difficult than we think.

Maria fuller Headshot
Maria Fuller, Founder of Raising a Powerful Girl and Empowered Girl App

Maria Fuller gave up a successful photography business to follow a different path- a path that guides parents in raising a powerful girl and empowers girls. Through the programs, apps, and podcast created by Maria, parents are feeling hopeful about empowering their daughters. Through the Empowered Girl Movement and accompanying app, girls are learning how to navigate social media to help them feel powerful and positive, and are raising their self-worth and level of personal empowerment.

Listen in as Maria shares how she got this movement started, what her days look like, and the family culture she has intentionally created to empower her own daughters.

You can learn more here:

Raising a Powerful Girl

Empowered Girl Movement

Listen here or wherever you listen to podcasts:

Doctor of Oriental Medicine with De’Nicea Hilton

Doctor of Oriental Medicine with De’Nicea Hilton

Learning about our reproductive health as women is not only empowering, it may directly change outcomes for future generations. I had not understood this before talking with De’Nicea Hilton; Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Speaker, and Women’s Health Advocate.

While talking with De’Nicea I began to understand things differently. I understood that looking at a holistic picture of the life of the person in front of a practitioner is important. I began to think differently about how I will speak to my own daughter about women’s health, fertility, and reproductive cycles. I started thinking that the misery that has come with my own cycles and accepted as normal, may be anything but.

Listen in as De’Nicea talks about how she moved from pre-med in western medicine to becoming a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, the reasons women come to see her, why she must live her days in a way that makes sense for her, and a different perspective on women’s health.

As with all of our interviews here on Real Women’s Work you will feel empowered and think differently about yourself and other women after this episode! Tune in!

You can listen here:

You can find De’Nicea Hilton here on Social Media:

Real Women’s Work LIVE! Impostor Syndrome with Award Winning Game Writer Crystal Mazur

Real Women’s Work LIVE! Impostor Syndrome with Award Winning Game Writer Crystal Mazur
Ever feel like you are faking it? Does it stop you from doing things you’d love to try? Once successful, does it feel like you will soon found out and your success stripped away? Do you have a passion that you won’t explore because it’s not meant for you? Whether you know what impostor syndrome is or not, whether you consider the endeavor you are pursuing creative or not, I guarantee the time you spend with Crystal will help you move forward with whatever you are doing! Crystal Mazur is a teacher, freelance writer, and game developer and I am absolutely THRILLED that she is giving of herself in this way to our community! I’ve talked often about how my interviews with these women improve my life and talking with Crystal propelled me forward in my Voice Over career. Please join us for this free 60 minute workshop, share it with your friends and come together with us to build our confidence, creativity, and connection!
RECORDING can be found right here:
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CEO of She Plays, First US Fantasy Sports Site Covering Women Athletes, with Ashley Hart

CEO and Founders of She Plays

Wow! You know those things that you never knew you never had? That you never knew you always wanted?

Until I was introduced to the work that Ashley Hartis doing with her two best friends at She Plays I never would have thought to think that women athletes are not represented with Fantasy Sports! As an athlete growing up my idols were Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. I was older when the WNBA came out and it was still so new that it wasn’t part of the conversation. Women athletes were not part of the conversation. Our coaches were men. Our referees were men.

It’s okay. It was what it was. But things- they are changing. All you have to do is listen to Ashley to understand that. This work is so important and getting to hear from someone who is in there doing it is insightful, inspiring, hopeful, and fills us with gratitude and excitement.

You can listen here:

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Self Care Beyond Bubble Baths A Solocast with Jen

Self-Care Beyond Bubble Baths

While bubble baths and mani/pedis are awesome, I think real self-care goes deeper. From the way we speak to ourselves and the clothes we wear to the food we eat and the way we sleep, messaging may be talking us into schedules and diets that do not take care of us at all! Listen in as Jen shares her own journey of moving through a mental breakdown to reach thriving- all through the (often difficult and tiring) practice of developing real and continuous self-care.

CONTENT NOTE: I have never done a “solocast” before. Eep! Let me tell you how weird it felt sitting in my closet talking! (and this from a Voice Over Talent who is used to it!). I am becoming passionate about this topic though and feel like we need to broaden the conversation now.

You can Listen here:

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Gloria Mitchell Crisis and Performance Coach for Entrepreneurs and Public Figures

Gloria Mitchell, Crisis and Performance Coach for Entrepreneurs and Public Figures

I want to introduce you to this week’s guest. Gloria Mitchel is a Crisis and Performance Coach for Entrepreneurs and Public Figures. Her story will blow you away, inspire you, encourage you, empower you, and you will be so grateful that Gloria is in this world.

The time I spent talking with Gloria was a gift that I haven’t even fully inhaled yet. I am so grateful that Gloria shared her time on Real Women’s Work. Not only do we get to learn about how Gloria does her work, she offers us insights, suggestions, observations on fear, dark times, scary times, resiliency and the value in owning our story.

Ultimately, Gloria offers us a real and tangible example of what it means to choose to live a life with authenticity, meaning, courage and resiliency.

After listening to Gloria on this episode of Real Women’s Work you are surely going to want to hear more from her. Here is where you can find her:

Gloria Mitchell on Instagram

Gloria Mitchell on LinkedIn

And here is a link to the affirmation app Gloria references in this episode: Think Up App

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Aging? Who, Me?

agine who meAging is strange. I hear that word and immediately think of people older than me- like, much older. I feel like the word “aging” does not even apply to me. Same with middle age.

I mean, we are all aging right? Somehow though it doesn’t feel the same when talking about a 24 year old woman and a 44 year old woman.

I went through what may have been an intense midlife crisis a few years ago. I’ve called it a mental break down because that’s what it was.

During that breakdown/crisis I started to feel my “age”. I was 42 at the time, maybe 41.

I seriously started to wonder what the point of anything was. I was on the downhill. The best parts of my life were behind me. The fit and athletic body that could pick up a basketball and play a quick game without even feeling it the next day. The ability to eat whatever I wanted without consequence to my hips. Skin and a smile that wouldn’t quit. All of that was changing and I kept doing the math about how many years I might have left.

At my annual dermatology appointment that year my doctor told me the brown spot on my face was nothing to be concerned about. It was just an age spot. “My grandmother had those”, I might have mumbled out loud.

I think what made me feel the most sad during that period was that I had not lived a life I wanted. I had not done the things that, at my core, felt like me. I worked at a job out of obligation. I got married. I had two kids. I stayed home with them. I don’t regret the last 3 of these.

When I was in my early 20’s I wanted nothing more than to move to New York City. I know, I know. It’s cliche. I really wanted to though. People did it. My sister did it.

My sense of duty combined with the non-existent self worth that came with being a college drop out kept me in my small New Hampshire town. It was okay. I was lucky enough to make an incredible circle of friends, whom, all these years later I could not have done a better job of hand picking.

I started a successful blog. I got some writing published. I was interviewed for a national magazine. The woman who interviewed me was a real, honest-to-goodness, published writer. I loved her work and I was a little star struck.

I confessed to her that I had always dreamed of being a writer. I was in my early thirties at the time. “What do you mean?” she asked, “you already are”. Without her seeing, I cried.

A cross-country move, failing mental health, and other professional opportunities pulled me further away from this dream. I did not know how to pursue a freelance career. I believed that a college drop out could not be a writer, at least not today. I bought into the idea that an MFA was a pre-req for achieving your dreams. I read the words “if you can be anything besides a writer, be that.”

A couple of years later I read the words “I don’t know how I feel about that until I have had a chance to write”. Suddenly, the words my interviewer said to me swirled in my head along with the ones I was reading. As though through a time traveling machine I thought back to my many, many stacks of journals- kept from the time I was 8. I thought of all the things stored on my computers over the years, too. A piece for every major life experience; starting college, being at my grandmother’s death bed, becoming a mother, my changing views on religion.

The intention of these pieces was never publication. They were written for me, to process my thoughts.

My time spent blogging taught me that grammar is not my friend and that my eyes have a block to spelling mistakes and typos. Surely, this does not a good writer make.

But now I am 44. Almost 45. It seems all the reasons that stopped me from doing what I love matter less. A critic pokes fun at my writing? So? Someone shines a light on my flawed thinking? And? The grammar police say “and?” is not a full sentence?  Yeah?

At 44 what others think of me and what I love to do is not much more than something I glance at in my peripheral vision. This is a far cry from the thin skinned people pleaser I once was, which in part led to my mental breakdown.

I have done my work and am not just stable but thriving. Now, instead of feeling like life is over or has passed me by I am excited. I love being 40 something. I love the freedom that comes with it. I love owning my story. I love that, in so many ways, I feel like things are just beginning.

So maybe my body won’t recover so quickly after a game of pick-up. Maybe the wrinkles in my skin make me look more like 54 than 44. Maybe my hips have inched up to a number I never thought I’d see.

That’s okay. These hips have just started shaking and they don’t care who is watching.

Play: It all Starts with Yes!

it all starts wtih saying yesIt starts with saying yes.

Yes to jumping on the trampoline even though everything jiggles.

Yes to the zip line even though the harness accentuates all the “wrong” places.

Yes to putting on a suit and going for that swim. Even though our self-talk is telling us that we are a beached whale.

Yes to shooting hoops even though our belly adds a new element.

Yes to thinking it might be okay to stop thinking about how “fat” we are.

Yes to thinking it might not matter what shape our body is or how much weight we have gained since high school.

Yes to letting ourselves go for 60 seconds without reminding ourselves of how lazy we must be for “letting ourself get here.”

Yes to walking into an event excited about meeting new people instead of standing in a way that best camouflages our upper arms.

Yes to being okay that a whole day has gone by without thinking about the number on our clothing tag.

Yes to chatting and laughing with our girlfriend as we thoroughly enjoy every last bit of pasta on our plate.

Yes to being excited that we hadn’t realized we never even thought about it.

It all starts with yes, it seems.

Before we know it playing is natural again. Saying yes without considering how our ass/belly/arms/thighs will look is our default.

Before we know it, we are LIVING again, or maybe for the first time.

Before we know it we realize that the people classifying our legs as thunder thighs are not our people anyway.

Before we know it we realize how many minutes, hours, years, and decades we have WASTED not saying yes.

Before we know it, we commit to breaking this cycle. So that our daughters never have to waste a minute not saying yes.

So that our sons see what women look like. That we move and jiggle and eat and laugh and play.

So that our sons see that we are people.

Saying yes may not be easy at first. It might be really uncomfortable, in fact.

It’s worth it though. I promise, it’s worth it.

Morning Routine: A Gift From Our Guests

From the gallows of anxiety to thriving. A morning routine is one of many practical gifts I have received from guests.

If you have followed Real Women’s Work from the beginning you know that its impetus was my faulty mental health. I was in one of the worst bouts of anxiety I’d ever experienced. This is not the space to take you to the depths I reached, but know that it was lower than I knew existed.

From the gallows of anxiety to thriving. A morning routine is one of many practical gifts I have received from guests.
From the gallows of anxiety to thriving. A morning routine is one of many practical gifts I have received from guests.

Not only did listening to the words of women help to build my confidence, rationality, and calm my mind, but hearing how they started their day was one of many unexpected gifts.

When I wrote the question “what is the first thing you do when you get to work and is it the same every day?” I expected the answers to revolve around checking calendars, opening e-mails or checking in with team. When our first guest answered differently, I suspected it was simply because of the nature of her work. But guest after guest answered this question by sharing her morning routine.

The routines differ. Some start with green tea and a run. Others start with meditation and fancy coffee. Some start with reading or prayer. One thing became clear though; each guest had a morning routine- something I had never had.

Like so many things Real Women’s Work has given me, the wisdom of women continues to pull me from my lows, build my confidence, and show me how to be better.

I started to research morning routines. From The Miracle Morning to prayer and marathon training, I realized that most of the women I admire start their day intentionally. So, about 6 months ago I adopted my first morning routine.

What Morning Routine is Working?

I’ve tweaked the routine and kept it somewhat flexible to accomodate my reality of being a homeschooling working mom. I cannot always do as much of each part of my routine as I would like, but generally, Monday through Friday I start my day as follows:

It takes 45-60 minutes to complete my routine in full and is based on the Miracle Morning.

Sometimes I cannot complete it in one chunk. If one of my kids wakes up in the middle of my routine, I pause. I start back up again once they are settled into something. So sometimes I do not finish my morning routine until noon. Mostly though, I am up (intentionally) in plenty of time before the kids get up so that I can comfortably get through the whole thing- including showering and dressing!

Having a morning routine that is based on gratitude, self improvement, calm, presence, intention, movement, increasing my self worth, and filling my body and mind with thoughts and movements that will make me better has improved each of my days. These days, of course, add up to make up my life.

When I started Real Women’s Work I wanted to create a space for women’s voices. While this remains true, I now understand how much more it can be; a place of wisdom, positivity, connection, gratitude, and common sense.

Real Women’s Work can be a place where women connect exactly as they are- where we utilize the strengths of other women to guide us through our own challenges. A space where we listen quietly to words honestly shared. Words of truth, anguish, sorrow, joy, silliness, anger, injustice, happiness, perseverance, confidence, fear, authenticity, naivite, ignorance, wisdom, experience, love, and support. The words authentically and generously offered so that we can connect and be better, happier, women.

A morning routine is one of the many practical tools I have gained from hosting Real Women’s Work Podcast. Not only has this helped me climb from the gallows of anxiety, it has reminded me of how much women offer.

We are part of something necessary and important here and I am excited about where we are going. My goal now is not only to create a space for women to share how they work, but for all women seeking it to have these spoken words build their confidence, skills, tools, and resources so that all who need it can rise up to live the lives we want to lead.

As always, I am so very, very glad that you are here!

You can listen to Real Women’s Work by clicking here. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay connected!