Beth Tykodi, Geneaologist Episode 46

What’s it like to be a genealogist?

There has been so much talk about genealogy in the last few years with new accessibility to genealogy through websites and apps. Do you know what a genealogist does though? Do you know how she gets her information? How she connects with clients? For what purposes people want their genealogy investigated?
image of Beth tykodi, genealogist and old records old photo
Listen in as Beth Tykodi shares both her passion and professionalism for Genealogy. Beth talks about how she got started, what training was like and how she works with clients. It’s fascinating and heartwarming.

Listen in!

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Dottie Janson Amateur Competitive Figure Skater

What’s something you have always wanted to do but felt too afraid? My list is too long to share! Not Dottie’s though. In this episode Dottie talks with me about what it was like to start figure skating competatively in her 30’s. From competeing against teens to finding a club with other adults, Dottie stayed the course and her efforts have have rewarded her over and over again.

One of the things I most love about this episode is the ripple effect it will have on each of us. The next time we really want to try something but are tempted to say “no” for a reason that doesn’t need to stop us, I believe we will think of Dottie. We will remember her words and the experiences she shared and we just might say “yes!”.

Enjoy this episode with Dottie Janson, Amateur Competitive Figure Skater and if it resonates you please share Dottie’s episode with someone else who would like to hear it!

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Parenting Through Coronavirus with Roya Dedeaux, Marriage and Family Therapist

Whoa. Don’t you feel like you are going to wake up tomorrow and all of this will have been a dream- or rather a nightmare?

We went from living one way to living another way in the span of about 24 hours. There is so much legitimate fear right now. We have no answers. We cannot wrap our heads around this because we don’t even have a strong sense of what “it” is.

How to Parent Through Coronavirus?

We want our kids to feel safe. How do we help them when we ourselves don’t even feel safe? Should we be strict and regimented? Let them do whatever they want to keep them distracted?

There are also the practical challenges like working and schooling from home by necessity. Living together literally 24/7 is new for a lot of people.

Roya Dedeaux is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist with a focus on parenting and play. In this episode Roya offers us a shift in the way we think that could turn this time from chaos and disconnection to a time that might offer beauty, connection, and new understandings of each other.


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Civil Rights Attorney with Sandra Burink Hanshaw

Social justice takes many forms. While we tend to think of marches, boycotts, and petitions, there are women who have devoted their lives and careers to taking practical action for social justice. Civil rights attorney Sandra Hanshaw Burink is one of those women.

Sandra tells us about how she determines whether a case exists, how she prepares, how she communicates with her clients and how she prepares for a case. In addition to all of this, Sandra shares wisdom, courage, and sheer bravery as she not only learned how to take depositions and try cases, but as she learned how to navigate life transitions, like divorce, while exemplifying integrity and grace. You won’t want to miss today’s incredible episode.

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Raising a Powerful Girl with Maria Fuller, Founder

All of us parents of girls want our daughters to have high self-worth and self confidence, a strong sense of their core beliefs, and the ability to say “no” to things that make them uncomfortable, and “yes” to things that bring them joy. With so much conflated information surrounding us, though, how can we ensure a positive body image and strong communication skills?The answer is both simpler and more difficult than we think.

Maria fuller Headshot
Maria Fuller, Founder of Raising a Powerful Girl and Empowered Girl App

Maria Fuller gave up a successful photography business to follow a different path- a path that guides parents in raising a powerful girl and empowers girls. Through the programs, apps, and podcast created by Maria, parents are feeling hopeful about empowering their daughters. Through the Empowered Girl Movement and accompanying app, girls are learning how to navigate social media to help them feel powerful and positive, and are raising their self-worth and level of personal empowerment.

Listen in as Maria shares how she got this movement started, what her days look like, and the family culture she has intentionally created to empower her own daughters.

You can learn more here:

Raising a Powerful Girl

Empowered Girl Movement

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Doctor of Oriental Medicine with De’Nicea Hilton

Doctor of Oriental Medicine with De’Nicea Hilton

Learning about our reproductive health as women is not only empowering, it may directly change outcomes for future generations. I had not understood this before talking with De’Nicea Hilton; Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Speaker, and Women’s Health Advocate.

While talking with De’Nicea I began to understand things differently. I understood that looking at a holistic picture of the life of the person in front of a practitioner is important. I began to think differently about how I will speak to my own daughter about women’s health, fertility, and reproductive cycles. I started thinking that the misery that has come with my own cycles and accepted as normal, may be anything but.

Listen in as De’Nicea talks about how she moved from pre-med in western medicine to becoming a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, the reasons women come to see her, why she must live her days in a way that makes sense for her, and a different perspective on women’s health.

As with all of our interviews here on Real Women’s Work you will feel empowered and think differently about yourself and other women after this episode! Tune in!

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Real Women’s Work LIVE! Impostor Syndrome with Award Winning Game Writer Crystal Mazur

Real Women’s Work LIVE! Impostor Syndrome with Award Winning Game Writer Crystal Mazur
Ever feel like you are faking it? Does it stop you from doing things you’d love to try? Once successful, does it feel like you will soon found out and your success stripped away? Do you have a passion that you won’t explore because it’s not meant for you? Whether you know what impostor syndrome is or not, whether you consider the endeavor you are pursuing creative or not, I guarantee the time you spend with Crystal will help you move forward with whatever you are doing! Crystal Mazur is a teacher, freelance writer, and game developer and I am absolutely THRILLED that she is giving of herself in this way to our community! I’ve talked often about how my interviews with these women improve my life and talking with Crystal propelled me forward in my Voice Over career. Please join us for this free 60 minute workshop, share it with your friends and come together with us to build our confidence, creativity, and connection!
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CEO of She Plays, First US Fantasy Sports Site Covering Women Athletes, with Ashley Hart

CEO and Founders of She Plays

Wow! You know those things that you never knew you never had? That you never knew you always wanted?

Until I was introduced to the work that Ashley Hartis doing with her two best friends at She Plays I never would have thought to think that women athletes are not represented with Fantasy Sports! As an athlete growing up my idols were Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. I was older when the WNBA came out and it was still so new that it wasn’t part of the conversation. Women athletes were not part of the conversation. Our coaches were men. Our referees were men.

It’s okay. It was what it was. But things- they are changing. All you have to do is listen to Ashley to understand that. This work is so important and getting to hear from someone who is in there doing it is insightful, inspiring, hopeful, and fills us with gratitude and excitement.

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Self Care Beyond Bubble Baths A Solocast with Jen

Self-Care Beyond Bubble Baths

While bubble baths and mani/pedis are awesome, I think real self-care goes deeper. From the way we speak to ourselves and the clothes we wear to the food we eat and the way we sleep, messaging may be talking us into schedules and diets that do not take care of us at all! Listen in as Jen shares her own journey of moving through a mental breakdown to reach thriving- all through the (often difficult and tiring) practice of developing real and continuous self-care.

CONTENT NOTE: I have never done a “solocast” before. Eep! Let me tell you how weird it felt sitting in my closet talking! (and this from a Voice Over Talent who is used to it!). I am becoming passionate about this topic though and feel like we need to broaden the conversation now.

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Gloria Mitchell Crisis and Performance Coach for Entrepreneurs and Public Figures

Gloria Mitchell, Crisis and Performance Coach for Entrepreneurs and Public Figures

I want to introduce you to this week’s guest. Gloria Mitchel is a Crisis and Performance Coach for Entrepreneurs and Public Figures. Her story will blow you away, inspire you, encourage you, empower you, and you will be so grateful that Gloria is in this world.

The time I spent talking with Gloria was a gift that I haven’t even fully inhaled yet. I am so grateful that Gloria shared her time on Real Women’s Work. Not only do we get to learn about how Gloria does her work, she offers us insights, suggestions, observations on fear, dark times, scary times, resiliency and the value in owning our story.

Ultimately, Gloria offers us a real and tangible example of what it means to choose to live a life with authenticity, meaning, courage and resiliency.

After listening to Gloria on this episode of Real Women’s Work you are surely going to want to hear more from her. Here is where you can find her:

Gloria Mitchell on Instagram

Gloria Mitchell on LinkedIn

And here is a link to the affirmation app Gloria references in this episode: Think Up App

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