Morning Routine: A Gift From Our Guests

From the gallows of anxiety to thriving. A morning routine is one of many practical gifts I have received from guests.

If you have followed Real Women’s Work from the beginning you know that its impetus was my faulty mental health. I was in one of the worst bouts of anxiety I’d ever experienced. This is not the space to take you to the depths I reached, but know that it was lower than I knew existed.

From the gallows of anxiety to thriving. A morning routine is one of many practical gifts I have received from guests.
From the gallows of anxiety to thriving. A morning routine is one of many practical gifts I have received from guests.

Not only did listening to the words of women help to build my confidence, rationality, and calm my mind, but hearing how they started their day was one of many unexpected gifts.

When I wrote the question “what is the first thing you do when you get to work and is it the same every day?” I expected the answers to revolve around checking calendars, opening e-mails or checking in with team. When our first guest answered differently, I suspected it was simply because of the nature of her work. But guest after guest answered this question by sharing her morning routine.

The routines differ. Some start with green tea and a run. Others start with meditation and fancy coffee. Some start with reading or prayer. One thing became clear though; each guest had a morning routine- something I had never had.

Like so many things Real Women’s Work has given me, the wisdom of women continues to pull me from my lows, build my confidence, and show me how to be better.

I started to research morning routines. From The Miracle Morning to prayer and marathon training, I realized that most of the women I admire start their day intentionally. So, about 6 months ago I adopted my first morning routine.

What Morning Routine is Working?

I’ve tweaked the routine and kept it somewhat flexible to accomodate my reality of being a homeschooling working mom. I cannot always do as much of each part of my routine as I would like, but generally, Monday through Friday I start my day as follows:

It takes 45-60 minutes to complete my routine in full and is based on the Miracle Morning.

Sometimes I cannot complete it in one chunk. If one of my kids wakes up in the middle of my routine, I pause. I start back up again once they are settled into something. So sometimes I do not finish my morning routine until noon. Mostly though, I am up (intentionally) in plenty of time before the kids get up so that I can comfortably get through the whole thing- including showering and dressing!

Having a morning routine that is based on gratitude, self improvement, calm, presence, intention, movement, increasing my self worth, and filling my body and mind with thoughts and movements that will make me better has improved each of my days. These days, of course, add up to make up my life.

When I started Real Women’s Work I wanted to create a space for women’s voices. While this remains true, I now understand how much more it can be; a place of wisdom, positivity, connection, gratitude, and common sense.

Real Women’s Work can be a place where women connect exactly as they are- where we utilize the strengths of other women to guide us through our own challenges. A space where we listen quietly to words honestly shared. Words of truth, anguish, sorrow, joy, silliness, anger, injustice, happiness, perseverance, confidence, fear, authenticity, naivite, ignorance, wisdom, experience, love, and support. The words authentically and generously offered so that we can connect and be better, happier, women.

A morning routine is one of the many practical tools I have gained from hosting Real Women’s Work Podcast. Not only has this helped me climb from the gallows of anxiety, it has reminded me of how much women offer.

We are part of something necessary and important here and I am excited about where we are going. My goal now is not only to create a space for women to share how they work, but for all women seeking it to have these spoken words build their confidence, skills, tools, and resources so that all who need it can rise up to live the lives we want to lead.

As always, I am so very, very glad that you are here!

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