Real Women’s Work: A Perfectly Imperfect Space for Women

Real Women’s Work: A Perfectly Imperfect Space for Women

As we approach episode 20 of Real Women’s Work I am astounded. I expected to learn a lot from doing this podcast and talking with so many women. I could not, however, have imagined the depth of understanding I would gain so quickly.

My vision for Real Women’s Work was that these weekly conversations would not only give us more connection and understanding of how our days are spent, but that we would learn a lot more about each other, too. I thought that if we heard how a receptionist spends her day we would feel  more connected to the woman who greets us when walking into our doctor’s office. I hoped that by listening to a marketing professional talk not only about everything she has learned to promote solar energy, but also about the wise and valuable lessons she has learned while building her career, we would understand the human resources available to us. I envisioned us listening to a court reporter talk about how she does what she does and being mesmerized by something we thought was pretty straightforward. I imagined these combined stories allowing us to know more about each other and to wonder more about each other, too.

This is what is happening. This, and so much more.

I recently heard Katie Couric (I LOVE her podcast) say that she thinks the reason podcasts are gaining in popularity is because it is one of the only places we can hear deep conversations. They get us beyond the sound bites and curated bits to hear real, deep, and meaningful conversations. My experience as a listener is that Katie (can I call her that? 🙂 ) is spot on. I love listening to podcasts by women talking with women. I feel gratitude when they articulate something I’d been trying to understand myself. My loneliness diminishes when I realize that someone else has experienced the same feeling or fear. My confidence builds when I hear a woman talk about how she did it anyway.

As a host, the experience is very different. When I am talking with a woman I have to remind myself that I am steering the conversation. So many times I am totally caught up in what they are saying and I forget we are doing an interview. I have to choose which follow up questions to ask, right there in the moment, usually wishing we had hours more to chat! There is so much value, insight, and wisdom to be offered by these -and all- women.

As this podcast evolves I will get better at deciding which questions to ask. My skills at making sure the volumes are level (eek!) will improve. My understanding of how to promote these important voices will increase. One thing that I know is already perfect though, is that we have created another space for women’s voices. In my lifetime, in my daughter’s lifetime, there will not be enough space for us to share our stories. Real Women’s Work will continue to improve technically, but the space… the space is already perfect, simply because it is here.

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