Self Care Beyond Bubble Baths A Solocast with Jen

Self-Care Beyond Bubble Baths

While bubble baths and mani/pedis are awesome, I think real self-care goes deeper. From the way we speak to ourselves and the clothes we wear to the food we eat and the way we sleep, messaging may be talking us into schedules and diets that do not take care of us at all! Listen in as Jen shares her own journey of moving through a mental breakdown to reach thriving- all through the (often difficult and tiring) practice of developing real and continuous self-care.

CONTENT NOTE: I have never done a “solocast” before. Eep! Let me tell you how weird it felt sitting in my closet talking! (and this from a Voice Over Talent who is used to it!). I am becoming passionate about this topic though and feel like we need to broaden the conversation now.

You can Listen here:

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