Valentine’s Day Recipes Created by Women for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert!

Valentine’s Day Recipes by Women for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

The further I get into Real Women’s Work I find myself paying closer attention to what women are doing. We are everywhere. We are doing all the cool things. We are inventing, creating, serving, loving, fighting, advocating, caring, and so much more.

As I thought about what February means to people, I realized that the food space is dominated by women. The women who are most well known have a lot more to do than creating and cooking recipes. They are running businesses. Whether it’s a blog, cookbook, or TV show there is so much that goes into becoming a well known food personality- and none of it is happenstance.

So today I want to share a few of their recipes with you. Make them with your daughter, your mother, your sister, or your best friend. Spend some time learning about the woman who created the recipe before you bake it. Check out her social media. Read her about page. Commit 3 or 4 tidbits about her to share with your baking buddy as you make her recipe.

If you are baking with your daughter learn about the recipe creator together, if she’s up for it. Talk through the timeline of her life- how she started, what inspired her, the work she’s put in… as much as you are able to gather while keeping it fun.

This crazy awesome thing happens the more that we learn about all the amazing things women are doing: it makes us realize our own capabilities. It breaks down barriers that were invisible all along. It encourages us to try new things. It opens our eyes to possibilities we may not have realized were there.

I hope you enjoy learning about these women as much as I have. I’ll be thinking of you reading about them, trying their recipes, and telling other women about them as you make the recipes together.

Author’s Note: I am going to make one of these recipes and write down a few facts about the woman who created it. I am going to wrap them in some simple, nice, packaging and bring them to the three women who run our leasing office. Feel free to steal the idea! Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy learning about these women!

Chocolate Covered Katie

Hailed by Glamour magazine as “The Queen of Healthy Desserts”, Katie started Chocolate Covered Katie as a just-for-fun food blog. Now a full time blogger, Katie has endured her share of internet fodder. Nonetheless, she has built one of the top 30 cooking websites on the web!

Click here to read more about Katie and remember to hang onto a couple of facts to share with other women in your life!

Click here to spice things up at lunchtime with a Yellow Curry Thai soup recipe.

Jessica in the Kitchen

An award winning photographer and videographer, Jessica is now a full-time blogger who shares her experience moving to a vegan diet with her readers. In addition to sharing recipes and tips, Jessica also offers guides for various situations- like Valentine’s Day, Going Vegan, and tips for creators on Pinterest.

I love learning from women who have followed their passion and are doing the things they love, don’t you? Click here to learn more about Jessica. Click here for Red Velvet Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting Valentine’s Dessert Recipe.

The Minimalist Baker

Dana is the founder or The Minimalist Baker and not only shares 10 ingredient or less healthy recipes, she also offers food photo and video courses for aspiring food bloggers. She has authored both hard copy and e-books and serves as an inspiration to many! You can read more about The Minimalist Baker by clicking here.

Click here for a Shiitake Mushroom Risotto Valentine’s Day Dinner.

Chocolate for Basil

“As women we are faced with this funny little paradox every single day between wanting to enjoy our food and being criticized when we do. I mean, come on, I’m just not going to eat salads every day of my life. That’s just not me. And now I’m finally at peace knowing that I am taking something that I love -food- and I’m turning into something empowering, something that gives me agency. And that is why I cook.”

Where’s the googly eye emoji, right?! In addition to being a food blogger, Jerrelle Guy writes for publications like The Boston Globe and The Kitchn, all while attending Boston University as a Grad Student. (Are you feeling inspired by her so far?)

Just watch this:

Click here to learn more about Jerrelle Guy and Chocolate for Basil. Click here for a Strawberries and Cream Valentine’s Breakfast recipe from Chocolate and Basil!

Did you try these recipes? Did you share some with other women? What was something inspiring you took from learning about these women? Will you share in the comments?

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